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Mobile Phone: How to Choose the Best Offer for the New Year

2022 is almost upon us, and many telephone companies, as always happens during holidays, have decided to offer the public a wide range of promotional packages designed for the occasion. But with such a wide offer, how do you choose the best promotion that best suits your needs?

To do this, you need to know what you need most, analyzing the different mobile phone tariff plans without being hypnotized by the additional benefits that seem convenient to us but that we would never use. At the same time, it is essential to collect information about the operator. In fact, we must never forget to check the coverage and reliability of the company we are about to rely on.

We can also have unlimited internet traffic, but what do we need if we cannot use it due to the non-existent coverage and the very low connection speed?

Finally, we must ensure that the operator has reliable and professional customer service, which can support us in a reactive and effective way in urgent and need cases. The best way to collect this information is by consulting a platform with customer reviews. In fact, users are the only ones able to offer a real overview of our age’s infinite online and offline services.

Search for Mobile Phone Deals: Where to Start

In the last few years, the universe of mobile telephony offers has changed in a profound way. Pay-per-use promotions dominated between the 90s and the early 2000s, which are now increasingly rarely used by users who prefer to take advantage of all-inclusive promotions.

The latter immediately became predominant in the market because they guarantee a package that includes minutes, messages, and internet gigabytes (at a usually very competitive price).

Therefore, when buying a promotion, it is always preferable to start from an all-inclusive one, which offers both the classic functions (unlimited minutes and text messages) and the more modern and now fundamental ones (internet in 4G or 5G).

We must not forget that some offers can only be purchased when a new number is activated, while others are dedicated to those who want to carry out portability (change operator while keeping the old mobile number). More rare but still present are the offers dedicated to the current customers of an operator.

Finally, it should be emphasized that recently operator change promotions are very popular, such as switching to Vodafone from Tim.

Does the Best Mobile Phone Deal Really Exist?

Absolutely not! There are promotions and packages that are perfect for the needs of some and useless for those of others. Let’s take some examples to make it clearer.

A very young girl who uses a lot of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok definitely needs a large number of internet gigabytes per month. However, this same girl almost never uses calls and messages because she prefers to communicate via Whatsapp and Telegram.

In this case, one could even think of discarding an All-Inclusive offer, choosing a convenient offer only Giga (many) with limited traffic (free) when the data limit is exceeded. In this way, it will still be possible to connect to the web and send messages via Whatsapp, Instagram, and Telegram.

Now let’s take the case of a middle-aged man, who uses the internet only when traveling by bus and where there is no Wi-Fi, but makes many calls and sends several text messages every day for work. It will be useless for him to activate a Giga-only offer. This man, in fact, will certainly need an All-Inclusive offer with unlimited minutes and messages, preferably to everyone.

And what about the price? This depends a lot on the offer and the number of internet gigabytes present. Suppose you want to save a little bit. In that case, however, you can abandon the old classics (Vodafone, TIM, and Wind-Tre above all) and focus on the new virtual mobile network operators (Iliad, ho. Mobile, Kena mobile), which have lower costs and can offer promotions at very affordable prices.

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