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Fantasy Football and Cryptocurrencies: New Serie a Club Joins Sorare

Spezia Calcio is the thirteenth Italian club to join Sorare, a digital football game that is conquering thousands of fans using the principles of traditional fantasy football and the collectible spirit of stickers, exploiting blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

At the base, there is the use of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, through which Sorare players buy the player cards that allow them to participate in a series of competitions that offer, in turn, prizes in cryptocurrency and more.

Each user deploys a team of five cards, exclusively digital, associated with real players. The cards can increase or decrease their value over time and can be purchased at an auction on the Sorare platform or exchanged between users.

As a non-fungible token, there is a limited number of copies of each, and this affects their price: the rarer the item, the higher the value. Ronaldo’s unique card was sold last February for $ 290,000.

So rare, born in 2018 in France, claims today to have “over 200,000 monthly active users in 180 countries “. It has just secured a $ 680 million funding round, the largest ever in Serie B in Europe. Football clubs see a marketing and brand development opportunity. In addition to Spezia, Juventus, Lazio, Rome, Naples, Inter, and Milan among the Italians.

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