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Crossbows and Bows, Let’s Discover the Main Differences

Archery is a vast world that encompasses various types of weapons such as slings, darts, and blowguns, but above all, bows and crossbows, which represent the true cornerstone of this type of shooting weapon.

Bows and crossbows are two similar weapons and at the same time profoundly different from each other, with some points in common and others totally different; for example, both are throwing weapons that use a rope to release all their power, but in the bow, its use exploits the potential energy created by the tension that the bow accumulates thanks to the manual extension of the rope and subsequent release; while the crossbow uses different loading systems which are then activated by a trigger when the shot is released.

This type of weapon is widely used in shooting sports and, in some cases, for hunting thanks to the power and precision they have if used in a conscious and skillful way.

Let’s now find out what are the main types of bows and crossbows more specifically:

Crossbows and Traditional and Compound Bows

The main difference in these types of shooting weapons is that between simple and compound weapons, easily distinguishable from each other due to the pulleys present in the compound versions; going more into the specifics, however, these two “types” of bows and crossbows with these differences, have unique characteristics from which to choose the most suitable for your purposes at the time of purchase.

The traditional weapons exploit, to express all their strength, bending the arc on which the rope is stretched, as mentioned earlier, and therefore have a more simple mechanical and immediate.

In contrast, the arches and compound crossbows, which certainly have greater power, use an eccentric type pulley system to increase their performance, thanks to the accumulation of greater muscle energy while requiring considerably less effort when bending the rope.

Let’s now see some proposals that Softair Rastelli has chosen to present you different options regarding these arches and crossbows:

Traditional bow FlatBow “Dragon 64”

This type of traditional arch takes up the design of simple arches and is made by the Big Tradition brand. With a power of 30 pounds and thanks to the help of a fast flight string, this bow is able to unleash an unprecedented force with each arrow shot, taking advantage of its perfect balance and its resistance.

Stretching this bow will be quick and easy thanks to optimal ease of use that will allow you to train your precision without any difficulty.

Traditional Crossbow Xbr300 With the Red Dot

This crossbow uses the best technologies applied to the world of archery to increase its performance and represents the latest evolution of the more traditional Skorpion crossbow.

A renewed design and an adjustable stock allow the shooter to exploit this weapon’s full potential, which also features a red dot sight to increase its accuracy.

Speed of 245 FPS, 10.5 “power stroke, and 175 # poundage are just some of the technical features of this professional crossbow, appreciated by all shooters.

Compound Bow 70 lbs Camouflage

Poelang presents this 70 lb compound bow with a camouflage texture, Beast model. This proposal is not on Shop Online to Team Rastelli has pulleys with integrated stopper for added security and is comprised of rest biscuit; the compound system that increases the shooting speed of this bow is also accompanied by a dracon string, the body in metal alloy, as well as rear sights and arrow support.

This solution will make any archer enthusiastic, as the 70 lb camouflage compound bow offers important performance, ensuring an excellent combination of power and precision.

Compound Сrossbow Accelerator EK-Archery

One of the best budget crossbow for deer hunting available on the market price to quality ratio, Accelerator of EK-Archery; sturdy and light aluminum structure, the stock made with technopolymers and equipped with anti-dry fire system, which increases safety during use.

All the features of this crossbow are studied in detail and offer all the features a modern archer could wish for in a modern and compact design.

Power of 185 lbs and dart output speed of 410 fps are just two data that attest to its efficiency, but the real difference will be noticed once you try this incredible compound crossbow.

Choose Your Favorite Weapon to Enter the World of Archery

The online shop of Airsoft Rastelli offers you a broad overview of the world of ‘ archery where you can choose arches and professional crossbows, both traditional and compound, for appropriate to the world of precision or to expand your arsenal archery equipment from great quality.

Choose from the best brands in the industry, such as EK-Archery, Royal, Perfect Line, Gold Arrows, Poelang, Barnett, Mankung, and Bear Archery. You will not be disappointed by their proposals, remember that you can also take advantage of unmissable promotions on your purchases.

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